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Using a flip image converter, you can easily and quickly flip your images with the press of a button. 

This amazing tool offers a variety of options to make your images look unique and beautiful. 

Whether you need to flip the orientation of an image for a better fit or you want to rotate an image for creative effects, or vertical to horizontal or vice versa.

The flip image can do it in simple steps.

Steps using flip image 

  1.  Open an image you need to flip.
  2. Upload the desired image you would like to flip by selecting the ‘Open’ option under the File tab.
  3. Select the Select tab, choose the ‘Flip/Rotate’ option, then select ‘Flip Horizontal’ from the list.
  4. Select the ‘Save’ option from the File tab and the image should be flipped

Amin Akhtar

CEO / Co-Founder

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