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Maximum upload file size: 5 MB

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Wanna convert an image to Base64? 

It's easier with Tools Hubspot's free image to Base64 converter! 

Our image conversion tool provides an effortless way to transform an image into the Base64 format – without sacrificing any quality or clarity. 

You can upload an image in any common file type.

Steps using an image to Base64 

  1. Paste the URL or select an image from your computer.
  2. Maximum upload file size: 5 MB
  3. Click “Convert
  4. The desired base64 data/string is ready to use
  5. You can this data/string in either format like “Use in IMG elements”, “Use as CSS background”

We have another tool i.e base64 to image converter, where you can easily convert your base64 data/string to an image file format.

Amin Akhtar

CEO / Co-Founder

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