Case Converter

You will be in love with the best case converter tool we have!

It has made work so much easier for many online content wizards - now you don't have to manually convert text to the correct case. 

All you have to do is type it in and press the convert button! 

The tool saves your a lot of time and effort and you will be so grateful to use it. 

It has been an essential part of content writer’s and blog creator’s everyday workflow.

How to use FREE online case converter tools

 1: Copy the text you'd like to convert and paste it into the case converter.

 2: Select the case you'd like to convert it to - either UPPERCASE or lowercase, Sentence case or Capitalize Case.

3: Click 'convert' and watch the tool transform your text to the case of your choice!

Amin Akhtar

CEO / Co-Founder

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